Protecting Victim Service Providers Against Workplace Violence

Planning for victims’ and survivors’ freedom from violence is a critical component of victim services. Advocates’ safety is also a vital part of overall safety planning. Yet advocate safety can be a complex matter. Training, research, and evaluation often focus solely on the safety of victims and survivors we are privileged to serve. Without addressing advocate safety, are we missing the true impact of striving to build a deeper and more comprehensively resilient perspective of safety for all involved in the victim assistance reality. Simple steps will be shared that Victim Service Providers can use in our everyday lives. These are not meant to be all-encompassing; simply thought-provoking, to help promote conversation and understanding of what additional training might be helpful. Presented by: IAFN’s FASTta Project Speakers: Tanya Grassel-Krietlow and Gayle Thom  

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