Exam Payment Resources

Illinois (IL) Nebraska (NE) South Carolina (SC)
Alaska (AK) Indiana (IN) Nevada (NV) South Dakota (SD)
American Samoa (AS) Iowa (IA) New Hampshire (NH) Tennessee (TN)
Arizona (AZ) Kansas (KS) New Jersey (NJ) Texas (TX)
Arkansas (AR) Kentucky (KY) New Mexico (NM) Utah (UT)
California (CA) Louisiana (LA) New York (NY) Vermont (VT)
Colorado (CO) Maine (ME) North Carolina (NC) Virgin Islands (VI)
Connecticut (CT) Maryland (MD) North Dakota (ND) Virginia (VA)
Delaware (DE) Massachusetts (MA) Northern Mariana Islands (MP) Washington (WA)
District of Columbia (DC) Michigan (MI) Ohio (OH) West Virginia (WV)
Florida (FL) Military Oklahoma (OK) Wisconsin (WI)
Georgia (GA) Minnesota (MN) Oregon (OR) Wyoming (WY)
Guam (GU) Mississippi (MS) Pennsylvania (PA)
Hawaii (HI) Missouri (MO) Puerto Rico (PR) Canada (CA)
Idaho (ID) Montana (MT) Rhode Island (RI)

If you would like to share your state or territory’s resources with us, please contact Nicole Stahlmann, Forensic Nursing Specialist, at nstahlmann@forensicnurses.org.

For information on VAWA Forensic Compliance in general, End Violence Against Women International has been providing technical assistance in this area since 2013.  EVAWI has compiled information on the Background of Forensic Compliance, a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the issue of forensic compliance, and whole host of Resources for communities “who are striving to achieve a higher standard  of the “spirit of the law” rather than simply meeting the “letter of the law” for VAWA forensic compliance”.