Adolescent Issues: Consent, Confidentiality and Other Considerations

Presented by Jessica Mindlin from the Victims Rights Law Center, this webinar offered education and practical solutions to clinicians who are challenged by adolescent issues. Highlights include knowing where to look for the laws that govern minors’ sexual assault-related care and rights in your jurisdiction; Identifying 3 or more of the ways in which the rights of minor sexual assault victims differ from the rights of adult survivors; Distinguishing between what health care providers must, may and may not disclose about their minor patients’ when subject to mandatory reporting laws and Better access to state and national resources addressing care to minor sexual assault victims. 

Handout and Resources from the webinar:

Power Point Slides

At What Age Can a Minor Consent?

Checklist for Advocates on the Medical Record

Mandatory Reporting and Privacy Self Assessment

Minors and Mandatory Reporting Flowchart

Minors Consent and Mandatory Report Introduction

Tips on Victim Privacy



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