Collaborating for Equitable Language Access for Survivors of Sexual Violence: (3) Interpreter Services During the Forensic Interview

This webinar will be presented by: Hannah Chin, MSW, Flor Castellanos Sanchez BA, MA


Flor Castellanos Sanchez

Flor Castellanos Sanchez is the Founder & Director of Speakworthy Language Services where she provides training and consulting focused on interpretation. Prior to Speakworthy Flor earned a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from UT Austin & ran an interpreter training program for a non-profit. She has worked with asylum-seekers in detention centers in the US & with refugees in camps and schools abroad. These experiences led to her work as an interpreter & interpreter trainer. Her interpreting work has specialized in the field of victim services with survivors of torture. Flor is an advocate of language justice & passionate about training others to leverage their language skills.

Hannah Chin

Hannah was born and raised in a quad-lingual home in Hong Kong. She then later studied Spanish in high school and college. She has, like many others, spent her life as a cultural and linguistic broker. She graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Sociology and International Studies, and graduated from Tulane University with her Master’s of Social Work. She has worked at KIDS-Talk Child Advocacy Center in Detroit Michigan, as well as Canopy Child Advocacy Center in Cleveland Ohio. She has completed interviews for children and vulnerable adults regarding allegations ranging from physical and sexual abuse, neglect,
torture, arson, human trafficking, and witnesses of homicide.

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