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Summary of payment program


Services are provided at no cost to the victim. Confidential services are provided whether or not the victim chooses to have police involvement.


11 Del. C. § 9023: Payment for forensic medical examinations for victims of sexual offense

  • The cost of a forensic medical examination done for the purpose of gathering evidence that can be used in the prosecution of a sexual offense may be paid from the Victim Compensation Fund.

The purpose of the Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP) is to alleviate some of the financial burdens faced by victims, those that are directly related to the specific offense, by providing compensation for certain losses.

Delaware Department of Justice – the Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program can provide financial assistance to help cover the costs of a variety of services that help victims and their families begin to rebuild their lives, including lost wages, medical expenses, payment for mental health counseling, and funeral expenses. By awarding financial compensation for losses that victims sustain as a result of violent crime, VCAP can help alleviate the financial burden and distress that crime leaves behind.

The Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program serves victims wherever they are located throughout all three Delaware counties. Applications are received by the office and reviewed by their staff. The Agency manages the program’s funds and awards compensation.

The Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program is not an insurance company. Funding for the program is generated by a surcharge on fines and penalties imposed by the Courts. No tax dollars are used to fund the program.

For more information, contact the Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program at (302) 255-1770 or call the Delaware Helpline at 1-800-464-HELP.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The crime must be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours
  • An application must be filed with VCAP within 1 year of the crime
  • Victims must cooperate with law enforcement agencies
  • Victims must cooperate with VCAP staff and provide all information requested
  • The victim must not have caused or contributed to his/her injury or death

When the Delaware Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program Application is complete, submit to: 

Delaware Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program
900 North King St., Suite 4 Wilmington, DE 19801

Please contact the DE VCAP if you need assistance completing this form (Phone) 302.255.1770 or (Fax) 302.577.1326

Delaware Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program Brochure | Spanish
Delaware Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program Application | Spanish

Coordination with healthcare

The Sexual Assault Response Center (SARC) provides comprehensive, free and confidential rape crisis services to sexual assault survivors aged 12 and older and their non-offending family members, friends and partners throughout the State of Delaware. SARC is committed to providing healing, hope and empowerment to individuals whose lives have been impacted by sexual violence whether the assault happened yesterday or many years ago.

For 24/7 assistance and information on your options, call our rape crisis hotline at (800)773-8570 to speak with a Sexual Assault Response Advocate (SARA). SARA’s are available to assist survivors in need of medical, police and legal accompaniment, supportive telephone counseling, aftercare follow-up services, as well as information and referral to vital community services.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Medical Units: 

Kent County
Kent General Hospital SANE Unit
Victims’ Services

New Castle County
Christiana Hospital SANE Unit
Victims’ Services

Sussex County
Nanticoke Memorial Hospital
[Victims’ Services pays for hospital visit]