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Summary of payment program


A medical provider who performs an initial forensic physical examination may not bill a victim, or the victim’s parent or guardian if the victim is a minor directly or indirectly, for a sexual assault medical forensic examination.

As of July 1, 2007, sexual assault victims are not required to report the assault to law enforcement in order to receive a forensic physical examination at no cost to the victim. Examiners should use this protocol in the same manner, providing a forensic physical exam within the same time frame and guidelines, for both reporting and initially non-reporting victims of sexual assault. 


Per Florida Statute 960.28, payment for a victim’s initial forensic physical examinations is available to a medical provider who performs an initial forensic physical examination. The provider may not bill a victim or the victim’s parent or guardian if the victim is a minor, directly or indirectly for that examination. The Crime Victims’ Services Office of the Department of Legal Affairs shall pay for medical expenses connected with an initial forensic physical examination of a victim of sexual battery as defined in Chapter 794 or a lewd or lascivious offense as defined in Chapter 800. Such payment shall be made regardless of whether the victim is covered by health or disability insurance and whether the victim participates in the criminal justice system or cooperates with law enforcement. The payment shall be made only out of moneys allocated to the Crime Victims’ Services Office for the purposes of this section.


Florida Victim Compensation Claim Form

Florida Victim Compensation Brochure

Florida Sexual Battery Brochure | Spanish

Florida Victim Compensation Eligibility

  • The victim must cooperate fully with law enforcement officials, State Attorney’s Office, and the Attorney General’s Office.
  • The crime must be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours, unless there is good cause for delayed reporting.
  • The claim must be filed within one year after the date of the crime or within two years when there is good reason for not filing within one year.
  • Exceptions for filing time requirements apply to victims who are minors.
  • The victim must not have engaged in an unlawful activity or contributed to the situation that brought about his or her own injury or death.
  • The victim must have suffered a physical, psychiatric, psychological injury, or death as a result of the crime.

Sexual Battery Forensic Examination Claim Form – To qualify for payment of medical expenses associated with the collection of forensic evidence following a sexual battery as defined by 794.011 (h), Fla. Stat., or lewd or lascivious battery or molestation as defined by 800.04 (4) or (5), Fla. Stat., the provider must submit a claim form with accompanying itemized bill to – 

Office of the Attorney General,
Bureau of Victim Compensation, PL-01,
The Capitol, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050
or transmitted by facsimile to (850) 414-6197 or (850) 414-5779
or emailed to VCIntake@MyFloridaLegal.com

The claim form and invoice must be received by the department within 120 days immediately following the initial forensic physical examination. Failure to submit a properly completed claim form and invoice will result in denial of benefits.

Coordination with healthcare

Florida Coalition Against Sexual Violence – Find a Local Center

The Victim Service Center operates two Confidential Forensic Exam locations, one in Orange County and one in Osceola County. In the event a sexual assault occurs and the victim chooses to have forensic DNA evidence collected, they will go to either the Sexual Assault Treatment Center (Orange County) or the Care Center (Osceola County).  24/7 Sexual Assault Helpline: (407) 500 – HEAL