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Summary of payment program

Payment for the Forensic Medical Examinations (FME) is done through the Georgia Crime Victim Compensation Program. The program is administered through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC). The program is intended to address the immediate needs of victims of sexual assault to ensure they get the help they need.Victims may request a forensic medical examination at no cost to themselves regardless of whether the victim participates in the criminal justice system or cooperates with law enforcement in pursuing prosecution of the underlying crime.

Under Georgia law, a victim must not be billed directly or indirectly for an FME. Instead, organizations that provide these exams should submit requests for payment to the Forensic Medical Examination Program directly.  

The following criteria must be met for reimbursement for the FME.  

  • The crime must have occurred after July 1, 2011
  • The cost of the FME will be paid up to $1000 per victim, per victimization.


The expectation is that reasonable and customary costs will be billed to the program. There is a fee schedule for the medical forensic examination procedures. 

The maximum allowable payment for medications is $250.00. An example of an itemized bill can be found on the web page. There is also a list of CPT codes for the procedures that are common during the MFE. 

Beginning February 1, 2019 the Program will no longer mail FME award letters. Detailed Status information may be viewed on the Victims Comp Portal. If you are not registered for the Victims Comp Portal, please click here to register for access. If you have any questions, please contact GA FME reimbursement program at 404-657-2222.

Online Application Process

Complete and submit a Complete Application Packet, which includes:
1. A Forensic Medical Examination Application for Payment
2. An itemized bill, HCFA1500, UB92, or a UB04 claim form. Click here for an example.

Additional requirements and information can be found on the program application.

Coordination with healthcare

Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault – Listing of Rape Crisis Centers
Georgia Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System (SAKTs)