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Illinois Payment Resources
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Summary of payment program


Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act ((SASETA) 410 ILCS 70/7.5) Sec. 7.5. Prohibition on billing sexual assault survivors directly for certain services; written notice; billing protocols.

  • A hospital, approved pediatric health care facility, health care professional, ambulance provider, laboratory, or pharmacy furnishing medical forensic services, transportation, follow-up healthcare, or medication to a sexual assault survivor shall not: 
    • charge or submit a bill for any portion of the costs of the services, transportation, or medications to the sexual assault survivor, including any insurance deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, denial of claim by the insurer, spend down, or any other out-of-pocket expense.



Illinois Crime Victim Compensation Application | Spanish

Illinois Crime Victim Compensation Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible?

• A person who was sexually assaulted in Illinois

• The spouse and parents of a person who was sexually assaulted in Illinois (for expenses such as their own counseling or loss of earnings while caring for the sexual assault victim).

• Solely for mental health treatment expenses, the victim’s minor siblings or minor children (under the age of 18).

• Notify law enforcement within 7 days of the crime’s occurrence.

• File an application within 2 years of the crime date (specific limited exceptions may apply).

• Cooperate with law enforcement to arrest and prosecute the offender

○ The following also satisfies the notification and cooperation requirements:

▪ Obtaining a Plenary Order of Protection, Civil No Contact Order or Stalking No Contact Order

▪ Having a sexual assault evidence collection kit done

• The victim must not have contributed to or provoked the crime.

• A victim who is in jail, in prison, on probation, or on mandatory supervised release for a felony


The Illinois Crime Victim Compensation Program is the payor of last resort. All other sources of payment must be exhausted before an award may be issued by the Crime Victims Compensation Program. Payment will not be recommended for expenses or losses that can be covered by any other available sources, such as medical/health, dental, or vision insurance, Public Aid, Medicare, discounts available under the Hospital Uninsured Patient Discount Act, Worker’s Compensation Benefits, life insurance, auto insurance, restitution, and any other reasonable source. 

Coordination with healthcare

Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault - Rape Crisis Centers


Each center operates a 24-hour-hotline that provides services every day of the year. 


Other information

Illinois Attorney General - Improving Response to Sexual Assault


In 2016, The Attorney General's Office led an effort with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, the St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault to pass: 

Public Act 099-0801 - The Sexual Assault Incident Procedure Act


Administrative Rules: Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Code


Victim notices to be provided by law enforcement per the Sexual Assault Incident Procedure Act: Mandatory Notice for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Mandatory Notice of Victims' Right to Information Regarding Sexual Assault Evidence Testing


Handling of Sexual Assault Evidence by Hospitals: Public Act 099-0801 amends the Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act, 410 ILCS 70/, to change how hospitals handle Illinois State Police Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits and other sexual assault evidence.

Victim notices to be provided by hospitals pursuant to the Sexual Assault Incident Procedure Act: 

Patient Consent: Collect and Test Evidence or Collect and Hold Evidence Form

Illinois Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Discharge Instructions

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