Unlearning What We Were Told: Supporting LGBTQ2S+ Survivors of Sexual Assault

This webinar will be presented by: Amanda Watson (kanak maoli, they/them/theirs), Praxis International


Amanda Watson (kanaka maoli, they/them/theirs) has nearly a decade of experience as an advocate, organizer, and technical assistance provider in the movement to end gender-based violence. Amanda currently works for Praxis International as the senior manager responsible for the implementation of Praxis’s Advocacy Learning Center and Rural programs. They previously worked with the Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition (MISWAC) on multiple national technical assistance projects focused on responding to sexual violence and sex trafficking in tribal communities. Prior to joining MISWAC, they worked as an advocate with university, county, and nationwide sexual assault advocacy organizations. Amanda has considerable expertise in training communities to understand the unique impact of sexual violence on Two Spirit and LGBTQ folks while building inclusive advocacy services.


Handout and Resources from the webinar:


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