A. Foundation for Response During the Exam Process


Section A of the protocol focuses on guiding communities in laying a foundation of approaches and practices that support successful responses during the exam process to disclosures or suspicions of sexual abuse in prepubescent children. It includes the following chapters:

A1.  Principles of Care (for all responders)

A2.  Adapting Care for Each Child (for all responders)

A3.  Coordinated Team Approach (for all responders)

A4.  Health Care Infrastructure

A4a. Pediatric Examiners

A4b. Facilities

A4c. Equipment and Supplies

A5.  Infrastructure for Justice System Response During the Exam Process

A5a. Reporting

A5b. Confidentiality and Release of Information

A5c. Evidentiary Kits and Forms

A5d. Timing of Evidence Collection

A5e. Evidence Integrity

A5f.  Payment Issues

See www.SAFEta.org for community assessment tools related to the response to child sexual abuse and the exam process.

 Table of Contents A1. Principles of Care