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Summary of Payment Program


Kentucky has a Sexual Assault Exam fund under the Kentucky Claims Commission (formerly the KY Crime Victims Compensation Board). They are the payor for sexual assault medical forensic examinations through their Sexual Assault Examination Program (SAE). Examination providers must submit the required forms to the CVC SAE Program after billing any existing private of public medical insurance providers.  Any remaining expenses are paid by CVC SAE directly to the providers. There are regulatory caps to the payment amounts (802 KAR 3:020).

Kentucky state law prohibits the hospital, the sexual assault exam facility, the physician, pharmacist, the health department, the SANE or other qualified medical professional, the victim’s insurance carrier or the Commonwealth from billing the victim.

Victims are not responsible for filing a claim with the SAE Program and should not receive medical statements from the facility that performed the sexual assault examination. The victim may, however, be charged for expenses not related to the examination process (e.g., ambulance expenses, follow-up care, hospitalizations, surgical procedures).  In such cases, the victim may file a separate claim for these expenses with the CVC program.

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