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Summary of payment program


In cases of victims associated with the U.S. Military Services, sexual assault forensic examinations may be covered under Tricare for service members. 
Non-military individuals who are victims of sexual assault are only eligible for limited emergency care medical services at a military treatment facility (MTF), unless that individual is otherwise eligible as a Service member or Tricare beneficiary of the military health system to receive treatment in a MTF at no cost to them.


TRICARE Reimbursement Manual – 
TRICARE pays for and will continue to pay for all emergency room services delivered to a victim.
Forensic examinations, including evidence collection kits, are covered when provided in Civilian Health Care (CHC) facilities following a sexual assault or domestic violence.
Claims must contain one or more diagnosis codes that indicate the purpose of the visit or inpatient admission is directly related to services for an examination or treatment resulting from sexual assault or domestic violence.
Reimbursement for forensic examinations and evidence collection kits shall be made according to the appropriate type of provider, type of service, and place of service in effect at the time services are rendered.

Coordination with healthcare

Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiner (SAMFE): A specially-trained medical professional who can conduct a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) and address medical concerns associated with the sexual assault. 
Professionals are available everywhere the military operates to provide healthcare, advocacy, and legal representation that is independent of command.

In the absence of a properly trained DoD healthcare provider, the victim shall be offered the option to be transported to a non-DoD healthcare provider for the SAFE Kit, if the victim wants a forensic exam. Victims who are not beneficiaries of the Military Healthcare System shall be advised that they can obtain a SAFE Kit through a local civilian healthcare provider at no cost to them in accordance with Violence Against Women Act as explained in Reference.

When a SAFE is performed at local civilian medical facilities, those facilities are bound by State and local laws, which may require reporting the sexual assault to civilian law enforcement. 

Department of Defense Safe Helpline

Call the DoD Safe Helpline. A trained staff member that can provide support, walk the individual through options, and when ready, connect the individual directly with local resources.

Professional Response Resources for Sexual Assault – Brochure

Other information

The Military offers victims who are service members the option of Restricted Reporting or Unrestricted Reporting. Restricted Reporting allows a sexual assault victim to confidentially disclose the details of his or her assault to specified individuals and receive medical treatment and counseling, without triggering the official investigative process or command notification. Restricted Reporting can be voided if the medical facility contacts law enforcement or other professionals other than advocates, chaplains, and military Sexual Assault Response Coordinators. Medical facilities that provide exams for military installations are encouraged to draft Memorandum of Understanding to address such issues as confidentiality and storage of evidence.