Nebraska Protocols


State Sexual Assault Protocol

Nebraska Medical Sexual Assault Protocol

State Contact

Anne Boatright, State Forensic Nursing Coordinator and Sexual Assault Payment Program Administrator
Nebraska Attorney General

Other Information

Nebraska Forensic Medical Examination Form – Adolescent/Adult | Pediatric
Nebraska Legislature: 81 – 1429.03 Sexual assaults; forensic medical examination; payment; forensic DNA testing; requirements; Sexual Assault Payment Program; administrator; duties; Sexual Assault Payment Program Cash Fund; created; use; investment.
Nebraska Legislature: LB 497 Provide for compensation under the Nebraska Crime Victim’s Reparations Act for health care providers examining or treating victims of sexual assault, domestic assault, or child abuse.
Nebraska Revised Statute 28-902 Physical injury related to criminal offense; report by health care provider; sexual assault; duties of health care provider; law enforcement agency; duties; violation; penalty.
Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1807 Victim; compensation; health care provider; reimbursement; application.


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