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Summary of Payment Program


Ohio SAFE Program provides for the comprehensive medical assessment related to the trauma from sexual assault and the medical forensic examination of the victim for the purpose of evidence gathering for a potential prosecution. The program makes medical forensic exams available to all victims of sexual assault, regardless of ability to pay or their decision to report to law enforcement. The Ohio SAFE program pays for the cost of a medical forensic examination and the antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent sexually transmitted infections. The program reimburses medical facilities directly in the hopes of reducing the burden of dealing with billing issues for survivors of sexual assault. The SAFE program does not reimburse health care providers directly. All services related to SAFE should be sought by the medical facility from the SAFE reimbursement.

The SAFE Program page includes instructions for reimbursement and a HIV reimbursement form, along with on line submission for payment of the examination. A new policy for HIV post exposure prophylaxis medical payment began January 1, 2018. The information on that program and the on line submission forms for the HIV program are also located on that page.

If there are medical issues in addition to the forensic exam that require assistance, the hospital, children’s advocacy center, or emergency medical facility may seek payment from the patient. Examples include, but are not limited to: suturing, x-rays, broken bones, emergency contraception, sexually transmitted infection testing (which is discouraged for adults), HIV testing, and pregnancy testing.

Patients are encouraged to apply for the Victims of Crime Compensation program. This fund may be able to cover some of the additional expenses charged during the exam.


The SAFE program may reimburse a hospital, children’s advocacy center, or other emergency medical facility for fees related to the forensic evidence collection. If there is a physician’s fee, the hospital, children’s advocacy center, or emergency medical facility is responsible for making payment for their services. The SAFE program does not pay physician’s fees directly.

SAFE covers expenses tied specifically to the forensic evidence collection. This includes the following:

• The emergency department fee.
• A medical exam to assess for sexual assault trauma.
• The physician fee if the only service provided is related to the SAFE.
• The antibiotic prophylaxis, speculum, lubricant, any swabs or tubes.

The SAFE program reimburses a flat rate of $632. A hospital, children’s advocacy center, or other emergency medical facility shall accept a flat fee payment of six hundred thirty two ($632) as payment in full for any cost incurred in conducting a medical examination of a patient for the purpose of gathering physical evidence for a possible prosecution, including the cost of any antibiotics administered.

In order to receive SAFE reimbursements:

• Register as a vendor to do business with the State of Ohio.
• Identify a Facility Coordinator and submit the applicant’s name for approval. Each site is eligible to have up to three coordinators. Review the listed criteria for the Facility Coordinator in order to ensure they meet eligibility requirements. Once approved, each Facility Coordinator will be assigned login information for the online submission process.
• All requests for reimbursement must be submitted online.

Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program

Coordination with healthcare

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) programs have RN’s that are specially trained in working with patients who have been impacted by violence, such as a rape. If the patient arrives at a hospital without a SANE program, the hospital is legally responsible to make sure they do not have any medical needs that must be addressed prior to leaving. The patient may be billed from the first hospital for the care that is provided. If a SANE program is not available, OR if they choose not to go to another hospital and they decide to have evidence collected, let the hospital know that they would like them to provide the evidence collection.

Listing of SANE/SAFE Programs in Ohio

Ohio Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System