Oregon Protocols

State SANE Credentialing/Certification or Practice Regulations

State Board of Nursing regulatory process in place: Oregon SAE/SANE Certification Commission
SANE Training Requirements: Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force
State Credential: OR-SANE

State Sexual Assault Protocol

Medical Guidelines for Sexual Assault Evaluation

State Contacts

Oregon SANE/SAE Coordinator – Savannah Powell, savannah@oregonsatf.org
Oregon FNE Coordinator – Patti Kenyon, patti@oregonsatf.org
Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force


Mandatory Reporting Laws



Minor Rights to Health Care

Access and Consent to Health Care for Minors



Sexual Assault Medical-Forensic Care: 

  • ORS (Oregon Revised Statutes) 147.397-399 – Payment of Costs
  • ORS 181A.324-326 – Policies and procedures regarding collection, submission for testing, retention and destruction of kits
  • ORS 147.403 – Policies, guidelines and training requirements for providers of medical care to sexual assault patients


Sexual Assault Advocacy:

  • ORS 40.264, Rule 507-1 – Certified advocate-victim privilege
  • ORS 147.425 – Personal representative
  • ORS 147.404 – Notification of victim advocate concerning medical assessment


  • ORS 146.401 – Sexual Assault Response Teams
  • OAR (Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation) 137-084-0500 – Sexual Assault Examiner (SAE) and Nurse Examiner (SANE) Certification Commission



If you would like to share your state or territory’s resources with us, please contact Nicole Stahlmann, Forensic Nursing Specialist, at nstahlmann@forensicnurses.org.