Oregon Protocols


State SANE Credentialing/Certification or Practice Regulations

State Board of Nursing regulatory process in place: Oregon SAE/SANE Certification Commission
SANE Training Requirements: Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force
State Credential: OR-SANE

State Sexual Assault Protocol

Medical Guidelines for Sexual Assault Evaluation

State Contacts

Oregon SANE/SAE Coordinator – Savannah Powell, savannah@oregonsatf.org
Oregon FNE Coordinator – Patti Kenyon, patti@oregonsatf.org
Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force  

Mandatory Reporting Laws


Minor Rights to Health Care

Access and Consent to Health Care for Minors  


Sexual Assault Medical-Forensic Care:
  • ORS (Oregon Revised Statutes) 147.397-399 – Payment of Costs
  • ORS 181A.324-326 – Policies and procedures regarding collection, submission for testing, retention and destruction of kits
  • ORS 147.403 – Policies, guidelines and training requirements for providers of medical care to sexual assault patients
  Sexual Assault Advocacy:
  • ORS 40.264, Rule 507-1 – Certified advocate-victim privilege
  • ORS 147.425 – Personal representative
  • ORS 147.404 – Notification of victim advocate concerning medical assessment
  • ORS 146.401 – Sexual Assault Response Teams
  • OAR (Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation) 137-084-0500 – Sexual Assault Examiner (SAE) and Nurse Examiner (SANE) Certification Commission

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