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Summary of payment program


The Puerto Rico Office of Compensation and Services to Victims and Witnesses of Crime offers support, services and financial assistance to eligible victims and witnesses of crime and/or their claimants, with the purpose of guaranteeing sensitive and efficient treatment during the criminal process and minimizing its impact on people.

Among its many functions, the office is in charge of evaluating and granting compensation payment to eligible crime victims to receive the benefits established by law. In addition, it coordinates services and economic, psychological and humanitarian assistance for the families of victims and witnesses, as well as support and guidance in judicial proceedings and in criminal investigations.

The Office may grant compensation for damages suffered from the commission of one or more of a select list of crimes including sexual and lewd act. The Office can offer compensation to pay for the medical forensic examination (up to a maximum of $700).

Puerto Rico Crime Victims’ Compensation Application | Brochure (in Spanish)

Coordination with healthcare

Paz Para Las Mujeres  (Peace for Women Coordinator, Inc. (CPM))

Directory of Services for Women

Help Center for Victims of Rape (CAVV)

San Juan (787) 756-0910 or 0920 or 0930 (787) 765-2412
Caguas (787) 745-0808 or 0809
Arecibo (787) 817-3464 and 3054
Mayaguez (787) 832-5053 Ext. 123
Ponce (787) 844-1101
Fajardo (787) 863-4946
Metro Emergency:  (787) 765-2285 (working hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM),  
Island Emergency:  1-800-981-5721

Puerto Health Justice Center 787-743-3038

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Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Sexual Assault Kit Tracking