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If a physician, hospital, or clinic examines the victim of an alleged rape or sexual offense the examination shall be provided without cost to the victim. The physician, hospital, or clinic shall be paid for the cost of the examination by the county where the alleged rape or sexual offense occurred, which shall be reimbursed by any defendant if convicted.  


South Dakota Legislature 22-22-26. County to pay for forensic medical examinations. 

The county where an alleged rape or sexual offense occurred shall pay the cost of any forensic medical examination performed by a physician, hospital, or clinic on the victim of the alleged rape or sexual offense. For purposes of the provisions of §§ 22-22-26 to 22-22-26.2, inclusive, the term, forensic medical examination, includes:

(1)      Examination of physical trauma;
(2)      Patient interview, including medical history, triage, and consultation; and
(3)      Collection and evaluation of evidence, including any photographic documentation; preservation and maintenance of the chain of custody of evidence; medical specimen collection; and any alcohol- or drug-facilitated sexual assault assessment and toxicology screening deemed necessary by the physician, hospital, or clinic.

The South Dakota Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Program provides monetary assistance to victims of violent crimes. This program, administered by the Department of Public Safety, can pay victims of state, tribal, or federal crimes, a maximum of $15,000 for expenses incurred as a direct result of personal injury or death.

The program is a last resort for payment. In most cases, payments can only be made if there is no other source of payment including private health insurance for the victim or other public programs such as Medicaid or Medicare, etc. However, there are no income requirements. Compensation cannot be paid for property losses, attorney’s fees, or pain and suffering. There may be limitations to the amount of compensation for the expenses listed above. 

Eligibility to Apply:

  • The crime must be reported to law enforcement within five days of its occurrence or when a report could reasonably have been made.
  • The claim for compensation must be filed within one year of the crime unless good cause is shown for the delay in filing.
  • The victim and claimant must reasonably cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of the incident.
  • Compensation cannot be paid to a claimant if it would unjustly benefit the offender or an accomplice.
  • The victim cannot contribute to the crime or the injury nor have committed a crime at the time of the incident. Claims may be denied based upon contribution/conduct.

Application Instructions:
1. Type or print clearly.
2. Need help completing the application, call (605) 773-6317.
3. Every section must be completely filled out, to have the claim processed. If a section does not apply, leave it blank or answer “N/A”.
4. If sufficient space is not provided on this form, use additional sheets as necessary.
5. Uncertain of the answer to a question, write “unknown.”
6. The application must be signed by the applicant or an authorized representative. An authorized representative would be necessary if the victim is under 18, incapacitated or deceased.

Return the Application to:

Department of Public Safety
Victims’ Services
118 West Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-2291

South Dakota Crime Victims’ Compensation Program Application 

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South Dakota Department of Public Safety: If an individual has been a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or another violent crime, South Dakota’s local Victims’ Services agency may be able to help. Victims’ Services agencies, often known as domestic violence shelters, offer a wide range of help free of charge. Victims’ Service Shelter Map