Sexual Assault in the Older Patient

This webinar will provide information on caring for the older patient who has experienced sexual violence.  The following topics will be covered in this webinar: Incidence/Prevalence on sexual abuse in the older population, Recognizing and screening for sexual abuse in older patients, History taking tips with older adults, Physiologic changes with age that can impact the medical forensic examination, and Referral sources and reporting responsibilities for health care providers. Presented by Kathleen Brown, RN, MSN, CRNP, PhD, FAAN.

Handout and Resources from the webinar:

Powerpoint notes pages

Elder Abuse: Screening , intervention and prevention– article from Nursing 2013, available as a download

Elder Sexual Abuse from PCAR resource page

Nursing Response to Elder Mistreatment from IAFN

Preventing and Responding to Domestic and Sexual Violence in Later Life from VAWnet

Sexual Violence in Later Life from NSVRC

Elder Sexual Assault Technical Assistance Manual from PCAR.

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