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In the state of Utah, victims shall not be charged for sexual assault forensic examinations. The victim of a sexual assault that is requesting payment by Crime Victims’ Reparations (CVR) for services needed or rendered beyond the sexual assault forensic examination needs to submit an application for compensation to the CVR office.


Crime Victims’ Reparations (CVR) Program provides financial assistance to victims who have suffered financial loss, physical injuries and emotional trauma as a result of a violent crime. Funding of the program comes from criminal offenders through surcharges and fines. Utah Administrative Code: R270-1-23 Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations – Pursuant to Subsections 63M-7-502(20) and 63M-7-511(4)(i), the cost of sexual assault forensic examinations for gathering evidence and providing treatment may be paid by the Utah Crime Victims’ Reparation (CVR) office in the amount of up to $1,250.00 for a full examination which must also include photo documentation. Pursuant to Section 63M-7-521.5, the office may also pay for the cost of medication and 60% of the eligible hospital services and supplies. Payment to the hospital or other eligible facility for the rent or use of an examination room or space for the purpose of conducting a sexual assault forensic exam shall not exceed $350.00. The agency guidelines need to be adhered to when making payments for sexual assault forensic examinations. Utah Crime Victim Reparations Program Application | Spanish Utah Crime Victim Reparations Program Brochure To Qualify:
  • Victims who suffer physical or psychological injury or death as a direct result of criminally injurious conduct
  • Family and dependents of deceased victims
  • Representatives acting on behalf of victims
  • Victim must be a resident of Utah or the criminally injurious conduct shall have occurred in Utah
  • Report crime to law enforcement agency – no conviction is required but enough information is needed from law enforcement to substantiate a crime occurred
Complete the CVR Application, with signatures, and mail to: Utah Office for Victims of Crime 350 East 500 South Suite 200 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Phone (801) 238-2360 or Toll Free 1-800-621-7444 Fax (801) 533-4127 Email crimevictims@utah.gov Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Program Fast Track Reimbursement Form
  • Available up to the first 30 days after assault
  • Covers the medical forensic examination, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy prophylaxis, tetanus, Hepatitis B immunizations, and can cover the cost of a 28 day supply of HIV prophylaxis medication
Submit form and a copy of the itemized billing including current procedural codes to: Utah Office for Victims of Crime 350 East 500 South Suite 200 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Coordination with healthcare

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) are registered nurses who have completed specialized education and clinical preparation in the medical forensic care of the patient who has experienced sexual assault or abuse. Sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) programs have become the standard of care for victims of sexual violence in many parts of the country. 

The Utah Sexual Violence Crisis Line is a safe, confidential service offered to sexual violence survivors anywhere in the state. When a survivor calls the 24-hour sexual violence crisis line, they’ll be routed to a local UCASA affiliate organization in the area based on the first six digits of the phone number. 

Professional staff and certified volunteers provide 24-hour care and support to sexual violence survivors, their loved ones, and their broader network of supporters and allies in a variety of languages. 

Calling the 24-hour Crisis Line gives the individual access to a range of free services.

Anyone looking for support, call Utah’s 24-hour Sexual Violence Crisis Line at 1-888-421-1100 to be connected with a qualified advocacy team member at a sexual violence service provider in your area.  Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault – Service Centers

Other information

Utah’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative and Kit Tracking System Utah’s Sexual Assault Kit Information Line Brochure

Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP)

The Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP), created by the Violence Against Women Act of 2005 (VAWA 2005), is the first federal funding stream solely dedicated to the provision of direct intervention, advocacy, accompaniment, support services, and related assistance for adult, youth, and child victims of sexual assault, family and household members of victims, and those collaterally affected by the sexual assault

The SASP supports efforts to help survivors heal from sexual assault trauma through direct intervention and related assistance from social service organizations such as rape crisis centers through 24-hour sexual assault hotlines, crisis intervention, and medical and criminal justice accompaniment. The SASP will support such services through the establishment, maintenance, and expansion of rape crisis centers and other programs and projects to assist those victimized by sexual assault.