Working with Children and Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors

Studies show that between 25%- 40% of alleged child sexual abuse cases referred to Child Advocacy Centers are initiated by another child. Youth with exhibit PSB are a very heterogenous group and their problematic behavior does not occur in isolation, but within the context of the child’s physical, cognitive, moral, social and emotional development as well as within the context of the child’s overall social network and life experiences. This also includes their family, peer group, school and the community. Therefore, they require services and resources represented across multidisciplinary approaches. This does not come without challenges and struggles. Often due the misinformation about youth with PSB and a lack of resources to address their specialized needs. This presentation will attempt to address these tasks utilizing decision aids and guidance to systemically address the needs of this population. We will also review some specific intervention strategies to use when gathering information and assessing PSB.

Geoff Sidoli, National Children’s Alliance (NCA)

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