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Summary of payment program


The Wyoming Office of the Attorney General, Division of Victim Services (DVS) will pay for expenses incurred as a result of the sexual assault for a victim who chooses not to report the assault to law enforcement. This payment includes expenses for the emergency room, the emergency physician, the forensic evidence collection examination, STD and pregnancy testing, and emergency contraception (i.e. Plan B® One-Step tablet) and treatment of other injuries received as a result of the sexual assault. Total costs available for reimbursement cannot exceed $15,000.00 pursuant to Wyoming State Statute.

DVS will reimburse the agency using the facility’s identification number for the patient/victim. The Order for payment will be submitted through the normal processing of the State of Wyoming and the provider will receive a check or payment through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). 


The Wyoming Office of the Attorney General, Division of Victim Services (DVS) is committed
to supporting adult victims of sexual assault to aid in their healing. When an adult sexual assault victim presents at the hospital or clinic, a determination should be made if the crime has been reported to law enforcement or if the victim wants it reported.

Sexual Assault has been or will be reported to law enforcement: If law enforcement is or will become involved, then the medical facility shall follow existing protocol for evidence collection and billing. The law enforcement agency requesting the forensic examination is responsible for payment of the examination. By statute, DVS is the payer of last resort. The victim’s insurance should be billed and an application for crime victim compensation filed on behalf of the victim. Any expenses incurred other than the forensic evidence collection must first be billed to any available insurance or other resource (Medicaid, IHS, Title 19, etc). If no other resources exist or all resources have been filed, than an application for crime victim compensation should be completed and submitted for review by DVS.

Victim does not want sexual assault reported to law enforcement: If the victim chooses NOT to report the crime to law enforcement but does want an examination and treatment, the following protocol should be followed in order for the medical provider to receive payment from DVS:

  • Complete the forensic medical examination by a trained professional (i.e., a SANE nurse or physician), acting within the scope of their practice following the protocols of their individual facility. The biological evidence collection kit procedures should be followed to ensure the integrity of the evidence should the victim choose to report the crime at a later date.
  • Contact the local law enforcement agency that will assume custody of the biological evidence collection kit for storage.
  • Code the billing information so the patient/victim’s name and identifying information is deleted or redacted. The billing document must itemize the sexual assault examination was conducted and all treatment provided. Victims of this crime are to remain anonymous to everyone but the hospital or clinic for purposes of the forensic medical examination.
  • Submit a cover letter and bill to the Division of Victim Services, 122 West 25th Street, Herschler Building, 1W, Cheyenne, WY 82002, that indicates the examination was conducted on a victim of sexual assault who does not wish to report the assault to law enforcement at this time.

Wyoming Crime Victim Compensation Eligibility:

  • The crime occurred in Wyoming.
  • The injury or death occurred as a result of a crime.
  • The person was attempting to prevent the commission of a criminal act or apprehend a person
    committing a crime.
  • The person was assisting law enforcement, or a victim of a crime.
  • The crime was reported to law enforcement and the victim cooperated fully with the investigation
    and prosecution of the crime.
  • The victim’s conduct did not contribute to the injury or death.
  • An application is filed within one (1) year of the date of the crime.
  • The compensation will not benefit the offender in any way.

Wyoming Crime Victim Compensation Program Application | Spanish

Division of Victim Services
Crime Victim Compensation Program
Capitol Hill Building
320 West 25th Street 2nd Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82001
1-888-996-8816 (Toll free for victims)
E-mail: ag-victimservices@wyo.gov

Coordination with healthcare

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is a registered nurse who has advanced education and clinical preparation in forensic examination of sexual assault victims. SANE programs make a profound difference in the quality of care provided to sexual assault victims. SANEs offer victims prompt, compassionate care and comprehensive forensic evidence collection. In addition to helping preserve the victims dignity and reduce trauma, SANE programs enhance evidence collection for more effective investigations and better prosecutions. 

Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault